The Digital Lighthouse - DAMN° Magazine

The Digital Lighthouse

A light manifesto by Moritz Waldemeyer

The Fatal Blow - DAMN° Magazine

The Fatal Blow

A Manifesto by Emmanuel Babled

Crafting a New Profession - DAMN° Magazine

Crafting a New Profession

A Manifesto by Stefano Micelli

Food For All Manifesto - DAMN° Magazine

Food For All Manifesto

Six lessons learned by food entrepreneur and philanthropist Claus Meyer through numerous community initiatives from Noma to Bolivia.

The Light We Need - DAMN° Magazine

The Light We Need

A Manifesto by Piero Gandini

Wastewater: a call for innovation - DAMN° Magazine

Wastewater: a call for innovation

A Manifesto by Torgny Holmgren

Not A Manifesto, by Dieter Rams - DAMN° Magazine

Not A Manifesto, by Dieter Rams

The German industrial designer shares his thoughts on the future & the responsibility of design with us

Designing the emphatic office - DAMN° Magazine

Designing the emphatic office

A Manifesto by Manel Molina

Food to Soothe the Soul - DAMN° Magazine

Food to Soothe the Soul

A Manifesto by Massimo Bottura, top chef Osteria Francescana, rated as the world's best restaurant

Water is Emotion - DAMN° Magazine

Water is Emotion

A Manifesto by Philippe Grohe

Design is the Driver - DAMN° Magazine

Design is the Driver

A Manifesto by Rogier van der Heide

Warmth and Humanity - DAMN° Magazine

Warmth and Humanity

A Manifesto by Giulio Ridolfo

A Night on the Town - DAMN° Magazine

A Night on the Town

Marcio Kogan's thoughts from Royal_Room 606